“Rain” at Live in the Lobby 100

Had a great time playing with Lisa Dee (bass) Erin Doherty (vox) and Rachel Gilks (vox)! Thanks to all!

Erin Doherty singing “Free”

February 6: Live in the Lobby’s 100th Show

Patchogue Theatre
Patchogue Theatre

February 6, 2014—Live in the Lobby # 100.
A gala Two night celebration to celebrate 100 shows for Long Island’s Home of original music.

A Free Concert to celebrate 100 great shows and countless great acts. We are welcoming back several performers who have been with us in the Lobby going all the way back to season one, and making the show FREE to thank all of the fans who have supported us over nine seasons. Performances by Kerry Kearney, Johnny Lee Jordan, Rorie Kelly, Hank Stone, Chris P. Cauley, Miles To Dayton, Jessie Haynes, Claudia Jacobs , The Sun Gets Down, Andrew Fortier, David James & Steve Katterman, Iridesense and more!

Live in the Lobby Shows are Thursdays at 7:30 PM.
Tickets are $10.00 and include a complimentary beverage at the bar.
Our venue is a combination of seating and standing room.
SEATING IS LIMITED. Doors open at 7:00.
Buy tickets at the box office or reserve your tickets by calling 631-207-1313.

Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts
71 E Main St.
Patchogue, NY
(631) 207-1313

Coming up!

Toys for Tots poster

Toys for Tots poster



Ghost hunt with me at the Vail this Sat Sept 28

Join me at the Vail Sat. Sept 28, 2013 for Paranormal Night!
Calling all ghost hunters! If you’d like to join us this Saturday at the Vail, we’ll be giving everyone a chance to come in and get some hands on experience at ghost hunting at the oldest theatre on Long Island – The Vail-Leavitt Music Hall! All ages, and levels of experience in ghost hunting welcome. This evening will be led by the Eastern Sufflok Paranormal Team, who have conducted 2 ghost hunts at the Vail so far. There will be a short DVD presentation of some of the things they experienced at the Vail, followed by investigation time led by their team. For more info please visit: www.vailleavitt.org

Sat Sept 28 Paranornal Night at the Vail

For details on Paranormal night please visit:

A Dream in July

I flew to the tree tops last night
Joy in my heart, a smile on my lips, pure love
Flew up and up and found a tall branch to call my own
When I looked down at the landscape
breath takingly beautiful, alive, full of mysteries waiting

Smiling up at me
falling into your sea of green blueness
a spoon full of sugar, a pocket full of clouds
Forgiving but unrelenting with your sticky silver spoon

And all I can do is sing, raise my voice in song
Laugh helplessly inspite of myself
And marvel at the emptiness and the
coinciding sheer weight of all of my years here

May 4: Long Island Beltaine Festival 2013

Saturday, May 4, 2013
Long Island Beltaine Festival
Vendors, workshops, music & maypole
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington
109 Browns Rd  Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 427-9547
website: www.uufh.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UUFH.org/photos_stream

Last year at Long Island Beltaine Festival

What I’m Up To :)

Chello Dahlings!
It’s been a long time since I updated my website. I feel so out of touch! The winter has been flying by, with my schedule being full enough to keep two or three people occupied. As a result my songwriters open mic at the Vail has been on hiatus. I’ve recently taken over managing the booking for the theater which is a full time job in itself, so my plan is to start OV back up again once I feel that it wont overload me. If there’s no joy in doing something, don’t do it, right?!

On another note, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and I’m exploring new options for recording, since my dear friend Stephen Palmer has passed on to that great big studio in the sky. In the past I did all the tracking myself, then mixed and mastered at Steve’s studio. I really needed to take time to heal from the loss of my dear friend before I could even contemplate where my next CD would be completed. As you can imagine, music is an escape, but when it reminds you of something painful it twists you all around. So I focused on writing and doing some basic recording in my home studio over the past year.

I’ve also been rehearsing and performing with my little cover band, Lola, which I really love to do! At present we are rehearsing our singer Erin’s vast repertoire of Irish songs for our annual St. Patrick’s Day shows. We played at a private party last week, which was a blast! And this week we’ll do our annual show at Buckley’s in Hampton Bays. It’s a crazy scene, with bag pipers, dancers and general merry mayhem through out the afternoon. I can’t wait!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading my little update. Come down to Buckley’s for some fun! Sunday, March 17 – music starts at 4pm.

)O(  Jessie

Lola at Jessie Haynes Annual Toys for Tots show 2012

Hurricane Sandy on Long Island

Thank you to everyone who has been calling, texting and emailing me to check on how my family and I weathered Hurricane Sandy. We are very fortunate and grateful to say that we are all just fine. The power outages were lengthy as to be expected and thousands of people around us are still going with out it, and worse. Our power was out until last night, a total of 5 days, and we are some of the very lucky ones! LIPA is doing the best that they can, and they are letting everyone know they should be prepared to go another 5 days with out power, and longer for the areas of real damage. The power outage coupled with the cell phone towers being damaged have resulted in all of us here on LI being a bit out of touch. During the past 5 days I was unable to get any of my voice mails on my cell, or call out. Thankfully my texts made it through after 3 or so tries. I hated to think that there were all these voice mails, probably sweet friends, checking on me, that I couldn’t respond to! Oceans of love to you all!
A lot of people have also been asking me how the theater that I”m involved with, The Vail-Leavitt Music Hall, handled the storm. I have to admit I was pretty worried when we saw the footage on News 12 about the Peconic River flooding into the theater’s rear parking lot. We were running on a generator during the height of the storm and the cable hadn’t gone out yet. The images on tv showed some poor souls car almost completely submerged, and huge garbage containers floating around like plastic toy boats in the bath tub. There was no denying that the height of the water was reaching the back, sides and front of the theater. I wasn’t able to reach the theater until Wednesday, and with my power and cell still out I knew my fellow Vail Board members in the same predicament. So we were all unable to communicate. When my daughter arrived we were shocked to see that we could even access the parking lot. The first thing we noticed was a garbage container up on it’s side against a building. And the sound of pumps and wet/dry vacs were everywhere. The lone stranded car that I had seen on tv was gone. But our beloved theater was dry! I wasn’t able to access the basement, and found out that it had flooded only due to the power going out and hence the pump. But it’s been drained since. And aside from some minor roof damage the 131 year old theater seems to have once again stood the test of time and all that mother nature has brought that way so far. I’m so grateful! Long live the Vail-Leavitt Music Hall! Below is a video of Hurricane Sandy’s flooding of the Peconic River at it’s height. Compliments of YouTube.
Take care. My heart goes out to everyone who lost their lives, and who lost everything during the hurricane. We will all band together and do all that we can to help them through this.